GUYS Seducing GUYS:

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GUYS Seducing GUYS:

One of the reasons it's fairly easy to seduce a guy (even if you're a guy) - is because most guys have no idea it's happening to them. After all -- it's a "friendship" that grows closer & less formal over time.

Time is a major element -- because after all, -this IS A REAL FRIENDSHIP & they take TIME! DUH! See, unlike the guy trying to pick up a lady with a few smart-arse lines ... a dude seducing another dude will make a close friendship integral to the last stage -- physical intimacy. Depending on the personalities of each guy and the position on Kinsey's scale -- the amount of time this takes is a wide variable. Also -- the more attractive YOU ARE as a guy plays a major role.

Of course -- anticipating the needs of a guy & being there to fill in the gap is a massive way of letting a guy know that you care about him as a friend. Actions speak volumes louder than words. Got a friend who's going thru a financial hard time? Leaving that $20 sticking out of the fridge to be discovered after you leave is a great way to let your buddy know you care. After all -- in a world where people love money; -leaving it lets your friend know where he falls in your eyes. It's non-verbal & powerful. You do love your friend more than money, right?

Physical affection is the key hurdle to get over. Once you're wrestling & you've managed to get massaging on the guy ... the process is at top speed. Hanging out turns into staying overnight & sharing the same bed. Being stripped down in the same bed is a step away from gentle wrestling involving some light tickling & joking-groping. This process takes time -- seldom happening in a single session. It needs to feel spontaneous & once you're this closely bonded to another guy -- he'll eventually let you do what he alone is trusted to do with his masculine locus: Masturbate it. This is why the trust factor needs to be 2nd to none. And after the guy shoots under the guide of your accepting hand -- the act will create a bond because of the neurotransmitters released in the process. It's very important that you be ready to explain what "GUY" soon after -- to comfort the guy who's been brainwashed about same-sex attractions being "bad" his whole life.
Two buddies helping each other pump out a wad is the closest bonding experience that best friends can share. Be naked without shame & he will be too.
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    Mon, October 2, 2006 - 9:39 AM
    Point of Information: I didn't write this. Found it o n a slightly disturbing web site and did a re write. I'minterested in what folks have to say aboi\ut it.

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      Re: GUYS Seducing GUYS:

      Mon, October 2, 2006 - 11:15 AM
      Well more or less it seems to be over classifying and over assuming. I didn't even bother reading the whole thing, so I guess I'm guilty of assuming as well, but I read enough to gather the article grossly over simplifies the complexcity that is each individual.

      There is no formula to homosexuality. Some guys piss on each other, some are just dry hump in the form of wrestling, some are emotionally attached, others just want animalistic fucking, in the end trying to define an entire diverse group of people in such a hippy esque manner seems unappropriate.
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        Re: GUYS Seducing GUYS:

        Tue, October 3, 2006 - 3:58 PM
        Okay I see what it's about now.

        And ugh... I think it should be noted that it's EXTREMELY dangerous to go around seducing straights. I've actually seen it happen where after a single night of bringing down barriers the next day a violent response surfaces... some people aren't psychologically prepared to have their entire notion of who they are changed that quickly.

        People function on the basis that ignorance is bliss...some people cannot be ruptured that quickly. Also, as an organism I feel that even though bisexuality may be far more common than people will ever know, I also think it's evolutionary for the vast majority of them to think they are straight so they can go about reproducing.

        Also I absolutely hate the slimey way that article is written. It's just disgusting to me, it was hard for me to even read through the whole thing which is why I didn't bother in the first place. I'm pretty open about sexuality and what not, but I veiw the author of that to be a complete scum bag and I'm not sure why.

        You know a better question isn't making one beer queers, but rather what would it take for you guys to be seduced by a female if you veiw yourself as gay?

        An ironic situation occured when I actually had attraction for a female once, but as I got to know her it turned out that she was secretly wanting to be a guy and hated how feminine her body was because she truly felt like she was a male on the inside. Strange huh?
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          Tue, October 10, 2006 - 5:05 PM
          I had the creepy vibe about this as well.
          At the same time
          I felt that a lot of men who are attracted to men will find this usefull. or at least think of it as usefull.
          I did a rewrite by the way.
          To read the piece in context here is the site I found it on.
          I see this as being a new kink of "Anti gay"
          sub cult of men who have sex with men.

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            Fri, October 20, 2006 - 10:58 AM
            My read on this, "gay guys seducing straight guys". Hmmmmm, have you ever asked *yourself*, why a straight guy? Why do gay men think of straight guys as such a prize? Why do we use terms such as "st8" acting? Why do we use hetero based terms to describe ourselves.? I often find that the str8 "acting" gays, usually are emulating what they think it means to be straight. Why do *we* use such hetero emulative behavior (we think!). Most straight guys I know bear no resemblance to the over testosteroned hyper masculine stereotype. Which is what str8 acting has taken on to mean in the gay world. In my very opinionated opinion, I believe we need a new way to describe ourselves that is not dependant on hetero based language. Perhaps something that has nothing to do with het based notions of masculinity or femininity. What this is or looks or sounds like, haven't the foggiest. These are just questions to ponder. BTW, I use the * to denote the collective. *you* means everyone who reads this.

            Peace and Love and much Humor,
            AAOO (Sean)
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              Fri, October 20, 2006 - 5:37 PM
              How about someone taking a go at rewriting this piece from the view point of a str8 woman into seducing gay guys...
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                Re: GUYS Seducing GUYS:

                Sat, October 21, 2006 - 8:48 PM
                The BF, Giz, and I were buying a new helmet for him the other day, and the sales woman was totally coming on to him. He was wearing my USMC sweat shirt and she was offering him a military discount. This even after I'm being all "lover like" making sure the helmet fits properly and matches his bike. It was funny but still a compliment in a back handed way.
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                  Re: GUYS Seducing GUYS:

                  Sun, October 22, 2006 - 4:43 PM
                  Heh, this girl I'm friends with has tried to convert me until she finally gave up... now she's just blunt about it... we were sitting at burger king and outta the blue she starts telling me about a vivid reoccuring dream. In these she is fucking me using a strap on while rubbing my nipples with ice.

                  I guess I should veiw this as a compliment.

                  Any way...the ultimate point is there's plenty of gay guys out there that are comfortable with their sexuality that don't need to be "seduced". The whole thing women go for with gay guys is wanting something they know they can't have... I think it's a complex that inadvertantly is present in the gay realm as well. Some people just have a preditor mentality, and want a challenge when it comes to sex, and the ultimate challenge is converting some one of an incompatible sexuality to the dark side of the force.
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                  Sun, October 22, 2006 - 7:18 PM
                  Passion is a powerfull drive.
                  I was talking with a friend who I directed to the site the original post came from.
                  What he thought after giving it a quick view was
                  "What hhe fuck is this?"

                  WHat I said to my friend, (It was John Dawg) was that
                  "men want to love each other. "
                  But were at a point where instead of just acknowledging it guys with hang ups about there desire for a sexual/romantic relationship is a form of recruitment.
                  Women wanting to "change" straight guys I feel have a different perspective. Maybe perspective is the wrong term.

                  ANyway The Queer community has laft a void.
                  I remember a meeting where while talking about the mission statement the radio show I help out with should have one man said he wanted it to say that we would have a "Radical Tone."
                  I realized I can't do radical.
                  I have been listening to the "radical Tone" for years.

                  Here is the radical tone in regards to coming out;
                  "Come out of the closet. Straight folks who know Gay people are less likly to be homophobic. So come out of the closet to reduce the homophobia in the world."

                  Now here is what I call "The Loving Tone."
                  Come out of the closet!
                  It'll get ya laid!!! Not just that of course.
                  You'll rid yourself of false friends and attract to yourself folks who will acept you for who you are. Also you'll get to know peopel you'll want to work togeather with on issues that matter to you. And you'll be free to look into your self so you can c=share those talents that are uniquely yours.
                  But never forget about the Hot action!"

                  That is the LOVE the Queer activist community is not putting out.
                  Not just to Gays but to men in general.
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    Sun, November 26, 2006 - 8:39 AM
    When reading the article i had mixed feelings about it. I was reverted back to my childhood which i might add was that long ago. Around 14-16 thats how i got laid. I didn't want to trust the surrounding culture of gay community. Mainly as Pedro states is because of the way they made it seem as though if i came out then the whole world would in some way benift from it. However i have never been one to hide my sexuality it just i didnt want me coming out to be some sort of political statement or apart of someones agenda. But non to worry because the 14-16 year olds i know now are more than open and free with there sexuality. It will amaze you and some of the things that not only these children say but what they have done.

    But going back to the man topic. This article could have been writen by a person who could've had a similar situation to mine. Because in the begining the only men i slept with with my close friends mainly because i knew they would trust me and the majorty of them i still talk to. In a way i sorta feel kinda bad for the person who would have to go through that to get better understanding of themselves. Its suppose to be easier than have to come up with this great scheme to get laid. Even more so to get laid by a str8 guy.

    Also gay men will always want str8 men only because we arent suppose to have them. The same goes for chicks and gay guys and str8 guys and lesbians. It turns from the fear of the un known to lust or couriosty.

    Also to speak on the fact that some one should do it from a chicks perspective and she is after a gay man. It wouldn't be any diffrent. I may self attempted to set a friend of mine up with this really hot guy i knew. She seemed into him and everything and even started to date him. But on her birthday her firends told her that if i was there they wouldn't show up. I wasn't told this before i had arrived but when i did get there i asked her where everyone was. Since she was drunk she told me. I then asked her "Why would u continue to hang out with me if your friends don't want you to" she went ovr to the guy i just set her up with and left me hanging there ..

    ( keep in mind she was handing me money giving me her car when i was going on lunch and would do anything i asked her. Yes u would have though ti would have caught on but i didn't most of the chicks i hungout with were pretty cool and it normally had money and a car and i would jst tell her to keep it or no thanxs i dont need your car)

    So the guy i hooked her up with was a very close friend of mine and that i wont get into but he really liked her. He told me multipule time that she didnt like him she liked me i kept trying to get it into his head but he wouldn't listen. So a this b-day she came ovr broke up with him and confessed her love for me . So she attempted to use money and her car and my best friend to get down my pants.

    The other chick tried and accomplished her goal by using her Boyfirend and i think thats a far better way of being a chick and seducing a gay man!

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